Dubbing Stage

For example services, TOKE has Stages, Tents & Inflatables Backstage.

Stage One of the most used is one of the most modern and allows performances of all kinds and at any time due to their characteristics. With 18m long and 12m wide, this stage has room for multiple players and large quantities of material, a screen for transmission of images or play of light, a transparent protective around.

The Backstage is the most convenient for both the artists as to the location because they carry all the convenience and comfort. The dressing room is 6.2 m long and 3.8 m wide, including table and chairs, sofa, mini-fridge, sink, toilet, clothing, district makeup, and others.

The tents are of varying sizes, shapes and colors to suit the type and location of the event.

We still have a very versatile range of inflatables that provide fun and safety, with different sizes, shapes and appealing colors according to customer's request, from castles to parks, through the human table football. For parties, special occasions, openings and play parks are a magnet for children and beyond.

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