Sport Events

TOKE has organized original shares, often unique to Portugal and Europe, all under diversifying events and capture the attention of all spectators.

The sport level, the inauguration of the stadium in Guimarães, Aveiro and Leiria, had our collaboration both at Music, both robotic and laser as well as speech and sound.

An example was the play of SuperLiga Belenenses-Porto (2004) who starred in was a unique moment in a football stadium. Before the game and at halftime, the spectators had the privilege of watching performances by the pianist in the Conservatory with its grand piano. Pianist followed the repertoire of many classics of Mozart, Beethoven, among others.

It required an unprecedented logistical and interesting to carry a grand piano into the Landmark, but has demonstrated that culture also takes place in a football stadium.

Following this line of innovation in 2005 materialized an action of a String Quartet in Coimbra.

This action took place on the 1st Day of Football Super League (2005), in-game Academica Coimbra Benfica at Estádio Cidade de Coimbra, and allowed viewers to witness the spectacle of three violins and a bass.

We emphasize only that we have the total responsibility of the productions in all games in the Portuguese Football Federation (all ages) of Sport Lisboa e Benfica at the Stadium of Light and Pavilions (5 modalities amateur: Futsal, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball and Handball ), Sporting Clube de Portugal (Futsall), Estrela da Amadora.

Animation is not lacking in activities such as marathons of Lisbon, this animation over TOKE’S.

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